An Uplifting Ode to Defiance and Self-discovery...

Embrace the power of this genre-bending musical odyssey, an age-old story spun anew with unforgettable tunes and a captivating narrative.

Happily After Ever

Happily After Ever is a dynamic new musical four years in the making. Loosely based on an ancient tale, with some contemporary twists, two young women embark upon a journey of self-discovery and shatter oppressive social conventions along the way. An eclectic musical score is filled with memorable melodies, making Happily After Ever an uplifting, hope-filled experience for these perilous times.

Happily After Ever

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Happily After Ever

A Musical Tale Forged in Trying Times

Just as the Covid pandemic struck, our creative team—under the leadership of Cliff Aerie and Bob Chase—began the process of developing Happily After Ever, building on the ancient biblical book of Tobit, and updating it for today.

Take a Stand with "Happily After Ever"

Embark on a Musical Journey

Workshopped performances of this new play will premiere in October, in preparation for a sustained New York City run in 2024. The budget for these workshops is $50,000. We seek your support.