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Unveiling Happily After Ever

A Ground-Breaking Musical Journey of Self-Discovery

Join us for a sneak preview of Happily After Ever—a dynamic new musical four years in the making. Loosely based on an ancient tale, with some contemporary twists, two young women embark upon a journey of self-discovery and shatter oppressive social conventions along the way. An eclectic musical score is filled with memorable melodies, making Happily After Ever an uplifting, hope-filled experience for these perilous times.

Hear the Finale for Happily After Ever!


If ever is a moment
That defines itself in time
It should be followed by another
That builds upon the rhyme

And further emphasizes
The story that’s at play
So we all can live together
In a better brighter day

Happily, hopefully, gleefully wise
Magically, mystically hands to the skies
Joyfully, playfully reach for the prize
Tenderly, lovingly open your eyes

When lovers finally find each other
In an unexpected turn
And shatter old traditions
Through the lessons that they learn

When teachers become students
And learn from their mistakes
And students understand
The sacrifice it takes.

Happily, hopefully gleefully wise
Magically, mystically hands to the skies
Joyfully, playfully reach for the prize
Tenderly, lovingly open your eyes

The road begins with dignity
For everyone you meet
Then add a touch of humor
And taste the potion sweet

To make an ever better world
And see it all come true
Is the journey of a lifetime
And the road that we must choose

So, heed now what we say
Choose a better way
Join the great parade
To build a better day
To build a better day.

Just as the Covid pandemic struck, our creative team began the process of developing Happily After Ever, building on the ancient biblical book of Tobit, and updating it for today. Hundreds of zoom calls and dozens of digital discussions later, an innovative new musical was born. Beginning as a labor of love, the show is now poised for a deft professional finishing touch in order to achieve a lengthy New York City theatrical run. We ask you—friends, colleagues, theatre-lovers and the general public—to help us complete the task, turning an idea into an engaging experience.

As Happily After Ever opens, the show’s Stage Manager acclaims, “Time is a strange and mysterious thing…A moment lasts an eternity; a lifetime passes in a heartbeat. As mere mortals, we can comprehend both past and future, but not the beginning or the end. We can neither add an eon nor subtract an instant.”

In this timeless quest, two young women defy the roles laid out for them by tradition, family and community and set out to seek new horizons. What they discover is a vital lesson for any age, especially for our own.

The takeaway is that we—members of the audience—are the storytellers for the next performance, the next season, the next generation. How we tell this story defines the road that we must choose.

Thank you for your generous support and for being a part of our team!

Join us in the journey!

Your continued support is invaluable to us.

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